Prior to beginning work on any project, the SURE project team reviews the drawings to identify any constructability challenges and determine which portions of the work can be prefabricated in our 10,000 sqft pipe shop.

Maximizing prefabrication offers several benefits to our construction projects. First, consistent quality is achieved, because all of the work is being performed in a clean, controlled environment. Also, on-site material storage is decreased to a minimum, and assemblies are delivered to the project as needed for installation. Finally, since work is being performed at our facility, the on-site crew size and installation time are decreased.

In summary, optimal prefabrication not only increases efficiency, but it leads to a safer site, effective cost and a more reliable construction experience for our clients.


Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.) is a tool by which a building is designed and coordinated in a 3-dimensional computer model. This enables the project team to easily identify conflicts, accurately incorporate changes, provide for effective facility management and maintenance once a project is completed. By leveraging our relationship with our industry partners, SURE Mechanical is able to manage or participate in the B.I.M. process on any project.

On projects that do not employ B.I.M. design, SURE Mechanical performs all systems coordination utilizing 3D software. This process allows our team to optimize prefabrication opportunities and facilitates the completion of fabrication drawings for our shop. Since our estimating system ties into the 3D coordination software, we are able to quickly ascertain the cost associated with a proposed change or value engineering suggestion.

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